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Horses and Yard Shoots

If you would like some pictures of your horse in it's natural environment, then yard shoots are perfect for you! I can come to your yard to take pictures of you and your horse for you to frame and keep as happy memories. I will shoot a variety of poses in order to capture the personality of your horse and give you a good selection of photos to choose from after the shoot.

After the photo shoot, I will send you a link to an online album so that you may view and select your prefered images.

PRICES start from £150 per horse and include two 6"x8" prints.

If you want to group together and organise a yard shoot with your friends, I offer a £20 discount per horse for 5 or more horses (or dogs) at the same yard. 

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Animal Photography

While I mostly do portrait shoots of dogs or horses, I am happy to take photos of your best friend, whatever shape or size he may be!

During the photoshoot I will take a number of different poses so that you have a variety of images to choose from and can find one which truely captures the carachter of your best friend.

After the shoot, I will send you a link to the images, so that you may select your prefered images.

PRICES start at £150 per animal and include two 6"x8" prints.

Please look at my image portfolios to see some of the pictures of horses, dogs, cats, lizzards and other animals which I have taken.

Discounts available for 5 or more pets in the same loction.

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Event Photography

I am an experienced event photographer and take photos at BE One Day Events, Show Jumping and Dressage Competitions, as well other equestrian disciplines.

Official Photographer
I can take photos at your event or to act as a second photographer for your company at an event.

Why not book me to come to your next one day event? I can get pictures of you across all three disciplines, as well as some behind the scenes shots to commemorate your day.

Please contact me via email with details of your event to get a quote.

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